Since 1981, Austria-based Diamond Aircraft Industries has been making the most modern, most efficient, and most attractive light aircrafts and motorgliders known to general aviation. Their diverse, award-winning fleet of personal and business aircraft, which includes the DA20 Katana, DA40 and DA42 Twinstar has garnered a growing community of loyal customers the world over for their stunning craftsmanship and top-notch flight more

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Training market: Diamond or Cirrus?
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2 hours ago
H60 pilot
Go around button on xls throttle?
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6 hours ago
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7 hours ago
H60 pilot
Horsepower debate (was DA40NG)
Hangar Talk
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14 hours ago
New LED Lights
Hangar Talk
bcocheran 64 10775
21 hours ago
Installing AeroLEDs Pulsar NSP strobe/position LEDs
DA40 Forum
Chris B 18 7023
22 hours ago

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