Since 1981, Austria-based Diamond Aircraft Industries has been making the most modern, most efficient, and most attractive light aircrafts and motorgliders known to general aviation. Their diverse, award-winning fleet of personal and business aircraft, which includes the DA20 Katana, DA40 and DA42 Twinstar has garnered a growing community of loyal customers the world over for their stunning craftsmanship and top-notch flight more

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What just happened with 42 prices?
DA42 Forum
JCOiii 3 194
3 hours ago
Landing gear collapse at Takeoff? N176PA - June 14th, North Palm Beach
DA62 Forum
jast 5 442
10 hours ago
Yikes! AP hooked up ship battery backwards!
DA40 Forum
A Dopo 6 384
21 hours ago
1090mhz ADS-B / noise cancelling Headset noise.
DA40 Forum
Lance Murray 30 6826
1 days 1 hours ago
Fuel Pressure Drops into Low Red Range when above 7500 ft
DA40 Forum
rickvb92 6 446
1 days 1 hours ago
Fuel pump use
DA40 Forum
AV8NC 19 6901
1 days 2 hours ago

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