Anyone flown a DA62 and a TTx?

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Re: Anyone flown a DA62 and a TTx?

Post by da50speed »

Thanks, Dave and John! I really appreciate it. All great insights!!

Re: Anyone flown a DA62 and a TTx?

Post by joeyritchie »

When not flying my DA40, I've been flying a friend's Columbia 400, the fore runner of the TTx. It's fun, the side stick is easy to get used to and it's higher GW and wing loading makes it a bit more stable than the 40 when doing instrument approaches. You sit a little more upright in the front seats and the back is a bit tight. The 6-cyl is smooth and starts quickly. My passengers think it is much more difficult to get in and out of the passenger seat and definitely harder to get in the back.

My biggest disappointment is the load carrying capacity. With full tanks you are limited to about 450 lbs people + bags + your assorted anvil collection.

While I like the speed, built in O2 and Air Conditioner, the real world hit to your wallet at the gas pump hurts. If you operate at lean of peak, you can get about 155 ktas at 15 gal/hr. My DA40 does 140 ktas at 6-8000 and leans out to about 9.3 gph, while having about 560 of useful load with full tanks. I rarely fly with full tanks, so I can get my anvil collection in the back. :D

But it is fun to fly faster at 175 ktas in the C-400. You just have to be willing to burn 22+ gal/hr. Climb rate is great too.
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