First flight of the retractable DA50

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Re: First flight of the retractable DA50

Post by TimS »

ememic99 wrote:
Fri Nov 08, 2019 7:59 pm
I’m not sure about HP - on web page it says 296 HP, graph in PDF (2nd page) starts at that value but 1st page says 271 HP. I’m also a bit confused. Also, the graph shows more power than normally aspirated Lycoming engine. If max load is available continuously, I would expect 200 KTAS at FL160 possible.
CMI has multiple variations and turbos in the pipeline. From memory the HP varied between 260HP and 350HP; and the critical altitude went from sea level to the flight levels. This is all under the umbrella of the CD-300.

Therefore, there really is no way to know what variation Diamond has in the prototype.

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Re: First flight of the retractable DA50

Post by Oxymoron »

I was lucky to get a brief tour of the experimental aircraft hangar at LOAN and had a quick close up look at the DA50 retractable. The wing has a fatter chord than any other Diamond aircraft I have seen, so would expect it to be able to hold a lot of fuel.

It is also surprisingly big when close up - I would guess a bit larger than a Cirrus. Very nicely finished too.

Diamond seem to be thriving at the moment - I was in the hangar to look at the prototype DA62MPP with camera hatch, but also they have two Darts flying now, and already have some very strong interest from a lot of air forces to replace ageing PC6s, Tucanos etc as intermediate trainers, and from some African air forces for COIN. The odd hybrid electric aircraft was also being worked on still.
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Re: First flight of the retractable DA50

Post by gordsh »

Here is a video of the DA50 Prototype flying and demonstrating retractable gear operation.
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