Issue with inline images

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Issue with inline images

Post by dant »

Is it just me or are inline images not always showing up? For example, I can't see the amazon link in the second post here:


but I can see the air pump images here fine:


Is this something with my local machine or a common problem?
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Re: Issue with inline images

Post by Chris »

Well, the first post doesn't actually contain an attachment but rather a full URL to Amazon that gets expanded by one of the forum plugins into an image reference on So it looks very much like an advertisement. I have my ad blocker disabled on DAN, so it shows up fine for me.

The car air pump photo is an actual image attachment that was uploaded to DAN and then placed inline.

My best guess is that you have an ad blocker enabled that prevents the reference from being expanded inline. Similar to what is described on this thread related to the plugin we use for such links on DAN.

If you have an ad blocker enabled, can you try to disable it for to see if it makes any difference? If that's not the case, then I'll need to do more digging.
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