Speed / Performance record

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Speed / Performance record

Post by astaib »

Hello guys,

Did some of you ever made some speed records on your DA40?

I did it with a friend on his UL VL3 because he wanted to optimize the settings of his fixed prop pitch and I want to do the same in order to have the real performance of my own DA40.

What do you recommend ?

My idea (based on what we did with my friend and his UL) is to record values at different altitude, on 3 legs (heading +120 degrees each) and make an average of the values recorded on each of the 3 legs at a given altitude.

Values to record:
-Indicated airspeed (approx because I have a steam gauge)
-Ground speed (on my GPS)
-QNH of the location
-Heading (0 / 120 / 240)
-Outside air température of each altitude
-Altitude (2000 ft / FL075 / FL115)
-RPM/MP/FF (eventually I will make the record with different configuration on RPM/MP/FF)
-Weight of the aircraft (I don’t know how it influences the speed performance, any idea?)

What do you think? Choice of the values to record? Choice of the altitude / FL...

Any advises before making this test are welcome.

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