Exhaust and Intake Risers Touching?

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Re: Exhaust and Intake Risers Touching?

Post by Rick »

I have owned both non-PF and PF DA40's, and there was a noticeable difference in climb power and cruise speed. I lube the joints at every annual. The removal, disassembly and cleanup takes me about 2 hours. The mechanic then looks it over and approves it for reinstallation, which takes me another hour. But I'm not particularly fast, and I do spend a lot of time cleaning up the joints. We have replaced the exhaust pipe hanger once in 8 years.

The other expense is the exhaust pipe insert, which must be replaced every few years. I usually get 3 years out of mine before enough of it wears away to require replacement. A new insert runs about $260 form PowerFlow.

So the additional cost of running the PowerFlow is a couple of hours labor at each annual, plus $260 every third year. Remember, too, that the stock muffler also requires the heat shroud to be removed annually for inspection of the muffler, which probably offsets one of the two hours labor.
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Re: Exhaust and Intake Risers Touching?

Post by blsewardjr »

Rick- Agree. I just had my exhaust pipe insert done at the annual.
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Re: Exhaust and Intake Risers Touching?

Post by shoffert »

Powerflow on order.

Very nice used, but in need of an adjustment, stock exhaust for sale. Great shape. Any takers?!
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Re: Exhaust and Intake Risers Touching?

Post by Davestation »

Haha "stock exhaust" we think, maybe.

I'm more concerned with the aftermarket ignition harness flapping in the breeze though TBH, have them correct that while they're at it.
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