Fuel injector SB (Austro MSB-E4-025)

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Re: Fuel injector SB (Austro MSB-E4-025)

Post by Wilfried » Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:15 pm

Is anybody as puzzled as I am about the time limitations of the fuel injectors in our Austro Engines?

The MSB-E4-025 (rev no 3) prescribes a time limit for the fuel injectors. Under chapter 1.4 "time of compliance" - the following action is stipulated:

Initial action:
* upon reaching 900 flight hours in service time of the fuel injectors
* for fuel injectors with more than 1400 flight hours as of 01-Oct-2018: Within the next 100 flight hours, but not later than 01-Oct-2019, whichever comes first

So far so good: My engines have now around 1650h. Fuel injector replacement makes no sense. So my plan would be to install OVH engines at around 1750h. The shop I contacted informed me on a delivery time for OVH Austro Engines of 30-35 weeks ( :bow :oops: :cry: ). This would mean, I have to order next month, which I plan to do.


Looking into the temporary revision of the engine Maintenance Manual (MM-TR-MDC-E4-454) issued on 03-Oct-2018 a component time limit for the injectors of the Austro E4series engines of 900 hours is stated only. What is right now? 900h or 1400h+100h/01-Oct-2019?

To make it even worse for European DA40NG, DA42NG, DA42-VI and DA62 owners:
EASA has issued a “Notification of a Proposal to issue an Airworthiness Directive” under the No. 19-009 on 21 January 2019. It indicates (or do I understand something wrong here) that MSB and MM-TR might become an AD after the end of consultation on 18 February 2019.

But again what is the right limit for the injectors? Or am I totally wrong here? Can somebody shed light into the darkness?

My CAMO tried to contact Austro in Wiener Neustadt, but so far no reply…

(btw – I love flying, but this paperwork kills me!)
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