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Re: DA42 shot down

Post by vontresc » Wed May 15, 2019 1:55 pm

Wow according to that site, they have a pretty "impressive" history or rendering aircraft inoperable...

I would treat info from biafrarf.com as somewhat suspect.
May 13, 2019: BRF has rendered the following aircraft from the Nigerian Government fleet inoperable:
1. Antonov AN-57/1428
2. Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker
3. Antonov AN-124/100 Ruslan
4. Aircraft UR-82060
5. Antonov AN-178 Kyiv
6. Antonov AN-70 Military Transport

April 27, 2019: The following Nigerian Aircraft, based in Jos, Plateau and Kaduna States, have been rendered inoperable by BRF operatives:
1. Antonov AN-12 Gaz
2. Antonov AN-40 CAO
3. Antonov AN-100 Volgadnep
4. Antonov AN-40 Kryla Tanka
5. Antonov AN-11 Longer Span Wing
6. Antonov AN-132 Maiden Flight
7. Antonov AN-500 Welt
8. Antonov AN-2 Model Prefix
9. Antonov AN-12 Midwing
10. Antonov AN-42 Buran Spaceplane Energia Rocket
11. Antonov AN-33 Era Super Heavy Transport

March 31, 2019: The following aircraft have been eliminated from the Nigerian fleet by BRF:
1. Antonov AN-13 Aerobatic Sailplane
2. Antonov AN-40 Krylya Tanka
3. Antonov AN-10 4-engine Turboprop
4. Antonov AN-22 Antei Cock
5. Antonov AN-132 Taqnia
6. Antonov AN-158 Regional Jet Fleet
7. Antonov AN-22 Turboprop
8. Antonov AN-380 Airbus
9. Antonov AN-321 Model Aircraft

March 22, 2019: Additionally, BRF has destroyed the following aircraft from the Nigerian Government fleet:
1. Antonov 500 Cargo
2. Antonov AN-124 Ruslan/Condor
3. Antonov AN-225 Cargo Transporter
4. Antonov AN-22 Antheus/Cock
5. Antonov AN-132 Light Multipurpose Transport
6. Antonov 225 Cockpit
7. Antonov 226 Landing
8. Antonov AN-Stock

March 3, 2019: BRF confirms the destruction of the following additional Nigerian Aircraft, costing an estimated 287.2 million US dollars:
1. Antonov AN-72A Coaler
2. GAF N 22 Nomad
3. Harbin Y-11/Y-12
4. Illyushin IL-76 Candid
5. Soko G4 Super Galeb
6. Antonov AN-30 Clank
7. Antonov AN-32
8. Antonov AN-225 Mriya
Granted Biafra has an interesting history. Back to aviation content in the 1967-70 Nigerian civil war the Biafran side use modified Bo-208s as ground attack planes.

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Re: DA42 shot down

Post by OliverBucher » Wed May 15, 2019 9:29 pm

I was also on their page.
They can shot down planes witch are up to know not developed. Like a AN-380 Airbus or a 4 Engine AN-12 ( the AN10 is the predecessor of the AN12 with 2 engines).
Also the USAF or National Guard must lost a KC -135, cause the only other operator (French Airforce) have another version.
I think the shot down planes are „fake news“.
Greetings Oliver
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