Would you buy another DA XX?

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Re: Would you buy another DA XX?

Post by Colin »

I am extremely risk averse. The DA40 (and a few other composite airframes) are engineered so that the passengers survive an impact. The 172 is the same era as my grandfather's Oldsmobile, which had no crumple zones and was not designed with a possible crash in mind. I read the NTSB reports every month and I look at the photos on Kathryn's Report. They do not make me feel good about the little metal planes.
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Re: Would you buy another DA XX?

Post by dant »

If I wanted to fly in the mountains I would get a T182T.
Have you flown one? I have a handful of hours in one and it felt like flying a bus to me. SUPER heavy control forces and it glides like a brick. Extremely capable aircraft but I would feel far more nervous about engine out scenarios, and I would be using the autopilot a lot more and it's just not as fun to fly.

Takes off stupid fast with 2 people however, and you can hold altitude at 35 kts in a power-on stall.
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