PPL finish up at a quiet airport in the winter

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PPL finish up at a quiet airport in the winter

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I'm planning on buying a DA40NG in the next 2-3 years but want to build some hours before purchasing my own plane.

Right now, I'm looking to finish up my PPL after a long layoff. Have all the minimum required hours but probably need around 15-20 hrs (including XC) to shake off the rust and get ready for the check-ride. The plan is to take 10 days off work which means the weather has to be on my side (hence leaving the New England area for that period). I'm thinking of going to FL or TX to do an "accelerated finish-up course". I was initially looking at Thrust Academy at KADS but seems like a busy airport/airspace and has long take-off waiting times too (which I don't need since I will generally fly out of a quiet airport after my PPL for leisure flying). Any recommendation for schools in somewhat non-busy airports in Florida or Texas that have DPEs on staff so I can get through this in one shot in a couple of weeks?

P.S: While DA40 instruction would be nice-to-have, my priority is quality instruction, access to a large fleet so I can fly every day, and a DME on staff so I can schedule a checkride within days of being signed off not weeks. Thanks