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Re: Customer Survey - Diamond Aircraft 2022

Post by Rich »

In my reply in the last "general" suggestion I included that Diamond should have an ongoing position/department to track current owners. This would be a challenge to keep this data up to date. Accepting updates from new/existing owners and consolidating into a single database for all mailings would be better than what we have now. The dealer network approach simply doesn't work for a number of reasons. The various aircraft registries would seem tempting, but those also have weaknesses and are not data-complete, anyway.
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Re: Customer Survey - Diamond Aircraft 2022

Post by CFIDave »

What's strange is that many of us who get regular emails from Diamond, either Service Bulletins, or their monthly "Diamond Airmail" marketing newsletter -- which means that Diamond knows our email address -- did NOT get notified about the customer survey.
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Re: Customer Survey - Diamond Aircraft 2022

Post by Chris »

My theory is that those channels are much broader than just private Diamond owners, which I think is the target of the survey. So while they certainly have your email address on their mailing lists for those purposes, they aren't able to filter those lists down to just private owners. So they are currently relying on their sales channel to maintain that information (for better or worse).
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Re: Customer Survey - Diamond Aircraft 2022

Post by haykinson »

It would be truly hilarious if this survey was actually done by Cirrus, as a way of getting great feedback from the least satisfied Diamond owners…

But in more seriousness, on the Austro call, they said something to the effect that European data protection regulations make it difficult for them to contact customers or keep their info. I cannot truly believe that this is the reason (EU data protection laws are strict, but they mainly are about consent I would imagine, and consent can be given during delivery for example, or it can be acquired by snail mailing everyone using the public ownership databases), but I got he sense they were blaming that.
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Re: Customer Survey - Diamond Aircraft 2022

Post by ememic99 »

The consent was also collected within previous survey.
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