Which update bundle should I get from Garmin?

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Which update bundle should I get from Garmin?

Post by Lou »

My database subscription runs out after this cycle so I am trying to make a decision on the renewal.

First question, what is the difference between a Onepak and Pilotpak? They seem to be identical, except for price. Perhaps Pilotpak comes with Garmin pilot? I use ForeFlight. I can’t see anything on the webpage. I apologize if it is a stupid question. [I can now confirm this is a stupid question: found the answer. PilotPak has Jeppeson Charts]

Second question, I am wondering what happens if you just update Navdata? I would save CAD$475 over Onepak, but would I lose TAWS and SVT? The mountains around here don’t move as much as they used to and the obstacle database is often wrong anyway when it comes to towers. I would be perfectly happy to have out of date cumulo-granite data. As we all know, the whole shebang also comes with ForeFlight, so it is also a case of suspenders and a belt. If I have to get it, I will, but it is pretty expensive for what you get when all I really want is Navdata.

I don’t get Charts anymore. The legacy G1000 display is too poor in my view to warrant that expense, and we all fly with iPads anyway.

Any thoughts or guidance would be gratefully received.
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Re: Which update bundle should I get from Garmin?

Post by Soareyes »

I update only NavData on a regular basis. TAWS and SVT work normally.

Terrain and obstacles get an update after five to six years, in case of tectonic drift or something.

Agree; charts on the iPad, moving map on the MFD.
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Re: Which update bundle should I get from Garmin?

Post by Rich »

Having just GNS units, my choices are more limited/simple. FWIW my obstacle database is dated 2007 :roll: . I'll update it one of these days. Meanwhile, I still get incessantly nagged when flying through the Columbia Gorge :scream:
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Re: Which update bundle should I get from Garmin?

Post by CFIDave »

As you discovered the difference between Onepak vs. PilotPak bundles is whether NavData is supplied by Garmin vs. Jeppesen. Jepp charges a premium.

You won't lose SVT and TAWS if you don't subscribe/update to the latest terrain or obstacle databases -- your G1000 will just display terrain and obstacles based on potentially obsolete data. While the earth doesn't move (terrain doesn't change much), I find that there are lots of new windmills and cell towers popping up all the time.
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