G1000 NXI Service Menu Lighting Options

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G1000 NXI Service Menu Lighting Options

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Hi there!

Posting this here since i am betting there are not too many experts monitoring the DA50 forum (lol)..

Picked up the DA50 last week - just doing some insurance transition training now. One thing i was looking for some help with was with the overall lighting of the G1000 NXI Ph3. On the previous DA40NG - the auto-brightness worked nicely - as it got darker the buttons still dimmed but were readable - and the PFD/MFD dimmed to a nice level.

On the new DA50 - when the sun goes down the PFD/MFD are super bright still (almost blinding) - and the buttons dim to unreadable. I know you can go into the PFD menu options and set both button and PFD/MFD brightness- but this does not save and you have to do it every time you power up and get in the plane.

I know there is a lighting menu inside the service options - but it is a bit terse and i dont quite understand what options to set.. any experts who could guide me?

Cheers and happy flying!!
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