Changing G1000 CHT altert value

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Changing G1000 CHT altert value

Post by smoss »

Does anyone know if there is a configuration setting in the G1000 setup stuff to change the value at which CHT alerts/alarms? By default the yellow line on the CHT graph is at 475 F, which is when the G1000 issues a caution alert. That is pretty dang high to just start taking notice (I did get the alert once in a G1000 DA40 during training in the 100+ Las Vegas summer many years ago, with an instructor to boot, and I easily could have melted the engine if the warning didn't go off). I would really like to change my yellow line alert to around 400 if possible. I am happy to enter the configuration module if there is a single setting for this that can be changed. I have looked in the G1000 maintenance and setup manuals I could find, but see no such setting.
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Re: Changing G1000 CHT altert value

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If it’s not in maintenance mode (press and hold enter during boot up on both screens), then it’s probably not configurable.
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