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italy da40 crash

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English Translation:

"They have brought back serious wounds, but their crew they would not have to be in danger. The pilot of the aircraft Diamond DA-40, left yesterday afternoon to the 16,00 dall' airport of hasty Lugano and in the afternoon to Carate Brianza, is Michel Berclaz, 50 years, of vallesane origins but from various years domiciled to Novaggio. He is an instructor of proven experience, and with to he yesterday c' it was a 28enne Genevan. They were directed to Orio to the Serious one for a lesson of nocturnal flight. Their travel but has been interrupted towards the 16,38 between Seregno and Carate Brianza, in province of Monza. Diamond DA-40, of property dell' Avilù Knows is a construction aircraft south wind-Canadian, an endowed airplane of 4 places and un' the most recent avionics.

Aircraft incident: serious wounds for the pilot of Novaggio and l' student The pilot is Michel Berclaz di Novaggio, instructor dell' Avilù. L' student a 28enne Genevan. Both have brought back serious wounds. The story of the witnesses.

L' origin, perhaps a engine failure - It will now be up to the enquirers to determine the reasons of the crash. Being to the first hypotheses, all' origin of the incident would have been a engine failure of the aircraft.

Story of the witnesses - Some witnesses would have assisted all' entire scene: the aircraft would without warning have lost quota, not hardly exceeded the Valassina, falling to little tens of meters from the traded one supestrada. Over Carate the pilot, resosi account dell' damage, has launch marks them of s.o.s., before falling. In the fall the two-seater also has grazed some cars that were journeying in the zone. L' incident has attracted around the zone dell' incident a small crowd of onlookers. The two were still all' inside dell' nside when they have been caught up from the first rescuers.

" My father has the face and boneses rotte" - Both the occupants have brought back rather serious wounds. Michel Berclaz is found currently all' hospital S.Gerardo di Monza, while the 28enne Genevan it has been ricoverato to the Niguarda of Milan. " My father has the face and the boneses broken off - the daughter of Berclaz to laRegioneTicino has told - moreover from the first information had from the doctors has that it aid would seem that there are problems also to the eyes and its sight could be to rischio"."

at Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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