iPad in DA40

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Re: iPad in DA40

Post by midlifeflyer »

Rich wrote:
Wed Apr 21, 2021 3:45 pm

There are still rumors of a mini-6 this year. I'd hold off a bit on the pro 11. If it gets bad enough apparently a -5 is a big improvement. Like you, I've been using FF on iPad for s similar time. I've still got a mini and mini-2 that won't run iOS past 12.x lurking in my stash (along with 4 old samsung phones).
A Mini 5 is pretty far down the list in my choices. It would have to be really inexpensive for me to go there.
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Re: iPad in DA40

Post by jc7204 »

I have a new DA40NG being delivered tomorrow and I have been looking around for the the best way to mount an iPad. I personally prefer the tablet up high versus on my lap especially in IFR / shooting approaches. LOL - I, too, was hoping for the new iPad mini 6 to be announced! Diamond now offers the tablet mount provision in the DA40 but it is pricey. I have a diamond shape RAM mount and I am talking with my A&P about installing that (either on the pilot armrest in the same spot as the Diamond tablet mount or on the panel). I have also been told that others are working on using industrial strength velcro as a non-permanent but strong solution. I have a suction cup but not in love with the (albeit small) possibility of coming off in flight and hitting a switch. Our flying club also does not allow them in their planes.
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Re: iPad in DA40

Post by Rich »

Right - you want it right in view but not interfering with flight controls or blocking out visibility to instruments/switches/indicators. It's a conundrum for all tablets of any manufacture and a very common problems for a great many airplanes, given the variety of placement of instruments across the decades, numerous models, and untold mods done over the years. I found mounting a mini on the stick worked for me. But it's not for everyone and absolutely doesn't work for the non-minis, such as my Pro 11. And you'll see my panel leaves no room whatsoever for panel-mounting it.
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