DA40 Convert Standard Range to Long Range

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Re: DA40 Convert Standard Range to Long Range

Post by pietromarx »

SnowFlyer wrote:
Mon May 04, 2020 1:30 am
I would much rather have 50 gallons but also want to be able to carry a big load at times. What’s your empty C.G. and MTOW with the 50 gallon tanks and do you notice an issue with a more aft C.G.?
I have a 2012 with the composite prop (the Hartzell) with ballast, so the max weight is fine, though the CG tends to be a little tight. I just put the heavier folks in front. I've never had an issue, changed a destination, left anyone (or anything) behind, etc.

This said, the airplane has constraints (like any) and one gets to choose full fuel, large loads, but never both. On the performance side, I always enjoy the airplane when it is just me (and our border collie), full fuel, great range, and lots of social isolation. :)
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Re: DA40 Convert Standard Range to Long Range

Post by Rich »

Some ancillary costs, assuming you want to convert an existing pre-g1000 DA40:

These rolled out with a MTOW/MLW weight of 2535/2407 lb. Some have had the MTOW/MLW conversion done, some not. You would surely want the 2646 lb MTOW. This ran me about $6K. Parts alone were about $4,600.

The MTOW/MLW change required re-weighting the airplane. The shop messed this up by quite a bit and I had it re-weighed. A word to the wise: you want to survey the W&B history and may wish to reweigh the plane. The 50-gallon CG limit being what it is, you want the empty weight/cg to be accurate.

Many of the earlier birds (like mine) have the N-number on the vertical stabilizer and rudder. Replacing the rudder would require doing the work to deal with this.
2002 DA40: MT, PF, 530W/430W, KAP140, ext. baggage, 1090 ES out, 2646 MTOW, 40gal., Surefly, Flightstream 210.
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