Deice MAX only works on Pump 2

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Deice MAX only works on Pump 2

Post by slowbird »

Had the following issue of not being able to operate to MAX mode on deicing.

At first I thought it might just be a bulb. Done the obvious of checking windshield on Pump 1 and 2, plus operated both Norm and High on each pump.

In Norm, both pumps run, but high and windshield operation uses the selected pump. So doing that, I could confirm both pumps were working fine.

By default I guess I just had selected pump 1, and put the system in high mode and pressed Max - nothing at all.

Without really thinking a reason I just decided to switch to pump 2 and press Max, and hey presto it lit up and worked.

So I confirmed the bulb is working, but pressing Max with pump 1 selected results in nothing. It only works if pump 2 is selected.

Any ideas, or anyone came across anything similar?

Guess it applies to the DA42 Forum owners also. I doubt it’s a specific DA62 feature.
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Re: Deice MAX only works on Pump 2

Post by Davestation »

I’m having trouble coming up with a solution besides the control box itself. The circuit for MAX is completely independent of pump selection. The only thing I can think of is a ground out on the pump selector switch because it’s supposed to be open on #1 but if it is grounded then maybe the max select signal doesn’t make it back to the box.
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